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Golf Lessons with Justin Leonard

Justin Leonard’s At-Home Golf Warmup Routine

Simple golf stretches and exercises from a PGA TOUR pro that you anywhere without gym equipment As a 12-time PGA TOUR winner and major champion, ...
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A Better Golf Swing Starts With Improving Your Body

Get the most out of your golf swing by adding quick and simple golf exercises to your daily routine GOLFFOREVER co-creator, Justin Leonard When golfers ...
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Golfer's Elbow

How to Treat and Prevent Golfer’s Elbow

Learn to relieve golf elbow pain and adopt proactive steps to prevent golf-related injury in the future We have all heard of it: the dreaded ...
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How to Connect GOLFFOREVER to Your TV

Learn how to enjoy our most immersive at-home fitness experience by connecting GOLFFOREVER to your big-screen TV The GOLFFOREVER program makes it easy to take ...
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I have incorporated the GolfForever daily exercises and strength training routine and it has already helped me finish more rounds with no pain and the ball is going farther.

— Jim Riley

"When I started BackForever, I was in bad shape. Could barely play pool let alone golf... I’m just getting started in GolfForever and it’s even better. I played golf last week for the first time in six months."

- Bruce Dreffer

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