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How to Build Balance and Golf Mobility for Your Swing… At Home

A 25-minute, golf exercise routine that focuses on core elements of your swing. As we mention throughout the GOLFFOREVER program, working on improving your golf mobility will have a direct impact on your ability to perform as a golfer. The golf swing requires coordination of many body parts, including your hips, shoulders, and upper back…. Read more »

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How to Gain More Distance for Golf by Building Stronger Glutes

GOLFFOREVER’s simple golf exercises can provide the key to unlocking more power in your golf swing The strongest muscles in the body? The gluteal muscles (glutes), which are the group of three muscles that make up the buttocks. Your glutes stabilize your hips and pelvis to help support your lower back. The biggest of the… Read more »

Golf Lessons with Justin Leonard

Justin Leonard’s At-Home Golf Warmup Routine

Justin Leonard shares simple ways you can increase flexibility and mobility before you play with golf stretches and exercise you can do at home before you head to the golf course.

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What I Learned From A Recent Illness

Recently, I was stopped in my tracks by an article in the national news with the headline: “Average person feels too OLD to workout at 41”. Surprising? Disturbing? In this survey of 2,000 adults, most pegged 41 years old as the age when one becomes too old to work out regularly. I read this article… Read more »

GOLFFOREVER vs. Buying a New Driver

Following a personalized golf fitness program is the *real* way to gain distance and play your best golf Your current driver may only be a couple of years old, but it sure can be tempting to buy the latest model promising more distance and accuracy. After all, who wouldn’t want to step on to the first… Read more »