Introducing the *real* key to adding yards on your tee shots:

The GOLFFOREVER Speed Boost Program

golf swing exercise to boost swing speed

This six-week course will improve your ability to consistently generate more SPEED in your golf swing by improving five core areas of your body:

  • Full body flexibility
  • Rotational power
  • Core and hip strength
  • Balance
  • Shoulder mobility

Ready to make 2020 your year on the golf course? Sign up for GOLFFOREVER to receive full access to this powerful new program and much more.


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building strength for golf exercise
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“Golf is a head game – and a shoulders, spine, glutes and abs game, too.”

– Dr. Jeremy James


“Thanks again for creating such an outstanding program and you’ve given me a lot of hope that my back can actually get better and not hurt all time. I had conceded defeat and now I’m fighting to get well again. Your program has been a Godsend. After two weeks a 60% reduction in my SI joint pain and low back discomfort. This coming from a 20 year chronic sufferer. ”

– Bryan Schager –

“I am elated to report that after working on your program for ten weeks that my neck flexibility has improved dramatically… I now can move my neck to see the line to putt. I am forever in your debt and appreciate your work with neck and back issues.”

– Charles (Tom) Boecking – Your Loyal Follower –

“I have incorporated the GOLF FOREVER daily exercises and strength training routine and it has already helped me finish more rounds with no pain and the ball is going farther.”

– Jim Riley –

“I’ve had back and neck pain for years which affected my ability to play golf. Dr. Jeremy James’ GOLFFOREVER program has ended my pain and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in for twenty years. I now play golf better and more often than I did before this program.”

– Bob Hurst, Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs –

“GOLF FOREVER has made the muscles important to my game stronger than they were twenty years ago, allowing me to swing the club easier while hitting the ball farther. It’s the most effective and least costly investment I’ve made in my golf game.”

– Tony Caine, Founder, Summit 54 –