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  • Stretches for lower back pain

    What’s The Best Way To Stretch Your Lower Back For Golf?

    The answer to lower back tightness related to golf might not be what you think: Stretching isn’t the best long-term solution for a tight lower back. Naturally, this may seem counterintuitive because stretching can feel good and loosen up your back in the moment. But you may not ... READ MORE
  • Better for Golf: Yoga or Strength Training?

    It’s a common question that’s often asked with the expectation of a black-and-white answer: What’s better for golf … yoga or strength training?  Like many aspects of the game, the answer isn’t that simple and instead specific to every individual. The reason? Two im ... READ MORE
  • Don’t Forget the Feet

    In golf-specific fitness training, it’s pretty common to see exercises such as deadlifts, lunges, cleans and kettlebell swings. These exercises build the big muscles—quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals—that contribute to powerful hip extension force for a more explosiv ... READ MORE
  • Reaping the Benefits of Rotational Training

    Golf is a game of skill. But it’s also a game that requires the body to produce a significant amount of twisting (also known as rotational) force.    From the ankles and knees through the back, hips and shoulders, twisting force transfers from the ground up and culmin ... READ MORE

I have incorporated the GolfForever daily exercises and strength training routine and it has already helped me finish more rounds with no pain and the ball is going farther.

— Jim Riley