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  • Stretches for lower back pain

    What’s The Best Way To Stretch Your Lower Back For Golf?

    The answer to lower back tightness related to golf might not be what you think: Stretching isn’t the best long-term solution for a tight lower back. Naturally, this may seem counterintuitive because stretching can feel good and loosen up your back in the moment. But you may not ... READ MORE
  • Justin Leonard iron follow through

    What Are The Best Exercises For Golf I Can Do At Home?

    When it comes to golfers like Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Lexi Thompson and many others taking golf fitness to another level, it can be intimidating to think intense golf exercise training is the only way to reach your potential on the golf course. The reality is you can start ... READ MORE
  • man grabbing lower back because of sharp pain

    Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain After Playing Golf?

    Here’s a scenario you may find all too familiar: You start a round of golf feeling physically great and excited about the day ahead. Then, a few holes in, it happens. Your lower back starts acting up and it becomes increasingly more difficult to make a swing, place the ball ... READ MORE
  • GolfForever

    The Perfect Prescription for a Better and Healthier Golf Swing

    Golf is an advanced skill which requires timing and rhythm to execute a good swing. It requires a lot of ground-up and rotational force, from the foot, transferring to the ankle, then to the knee, into the hip through the spine and into the shoulder, eventually to the wrist then ... READ MORE

I have incorporated the GolfForever daily exercises and strength training routine and it has already helped me finish more rounds with no pain and the ball is going farther.

— Jim Riley