College Program Notebook

Launched in early Fall 2022, the GolfForever College Program has already garnered significant buzz and noteworthy attention from some of the top names in collegiate golf across the country including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas A & M. The individualized nature of our program paired with its extreme portability has made it the perfect fit for… Read more »

Back Workout to Prevent Golf-Related Injury

Back pain is all too common in golfers. What many are surprised to hear is that  – for the most part – it is completely preventable. Additionally, once it’s occurred it’s also almost always treatable without surgery or drugs. And no,  this doesn’t mean playing less golf or swinging less than 100 percent.  Biomechanically speaking,… Read more »

Scheffler & Team USA Keep Firm Grip on Presidents Cup with 2022 Victory

Scottie Scheffler and the team at GolfForever provided each member of Team USA with their own Swing Trainer ahead of the 2022 Presidents Cup. Nowhere in golf will you find more American dominance than the Presidents Cup. Since its inception in 1994, the International Team has come out on top only once, with a convincing… Read more »

Fast Twitch Workout (For Rotational Power)

Your favorite golfers don’t have those fast powerful swings by accident, they’re training for it! You’ll be building those same skills with this routine. This workout builds your large fast twitch muscle fibers while also training your neurologic system for better swings, speed and velocity on the golf course.  Skeletal muscle is made up of… Read more »

Ambassador Spotlight: Betsy Kelly

Epson Tour player Betsy Kelly, with the help of the GolfForever Training System, has recently put her health and fitness back at the top of her priority list with a determination to climb the ranks of professional golf. A native of Minnesota, Betsy still spends summers at home, practicing out of TPC Twin Cities. During… Read more »

Ambassador Spotlight: Kyle Hrubes

A graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, now The Golf Academy of America, Kyle has his Associate’s Degree in Golf Operations and Management and is a certified golf instructor based in Metairie, Louisiana. Kyle is also the owner and operator of Golf Nola LLC, a company he started in hopes of growing the game… Read more »

A Sensational Season by Scheffler

In the best way possible, it feels like Scottie Scheffler is closer to his second decade on the PGA Tour than he is to his rookie season. Already a household name at the age of 26, Scheffler can still be considered a fresh face to the professional circuit. 2022 proved to be a breakout season… Read more »

Best Golf Balance Exercises

Generally speaking, balance is the most under-trained aspect within most golf training programs. But as you surely understand – balance is perhaps the most fundamental element of your golf swing. People tend to think a loss of balance is an unwanted side effect of aging. It’s true—like so many things related to our bodies—balance does… Read more »

STOP Swaying Off the Ball

Many golfers struggle with back pain at least once during their playing tenure. Coincidentally, most amateur golfers struggle with a slice. There are many causes of back pain with which I don’t want to bore you. However, I am going to address one of the most common causes, which falls into the technique category: The… Read more »