STOP Swaying Off the Ball

Many golfers struggle with back pain at least once during their playing tenure. Coincidentally, most amateur golfers struggle with a slice. There are many causes of back pain with which I don’t want to bore you. However, I am going to address one of the most common causes, which falls into the technique category: The… Read more »

What is your back pain trying to tell you

What your back pain is trying to tell you

It is painful to know that 35% of reported professional golf injuries are back related. We often share that the golf swing is an unnatural movement, without an understanding of pain cause and effect in the back, injury can and does occur. Even professional golfers with teams of trainers and experts still incur back injuries. … Read more »

golfer with consistent swing

How to Avoid Swing Fatigue on the Back Nine

Sustaining a consistent swing becomes a major struggle when your match is on the line during the final holes. Learn how to avoid swing fatigue.