Four Pre-Season Golf Training Keys to Jumpstart Your Game


Depending on where you live, the 2023 golf season is just a few short weeks away, if not already underway. That means a lot of us are dusting off those clubs, with the thought of getting that swing back into mid-season shape. 

For any golfer, especially those over 40, some basic pre-season golf training in these four areas can go a long way to prepare your body for the season, and ensure you’re primed and ready for that first Sunday skins game.


Without consistent stretching, flexibility is one of the quickest things you lose when golf season ends. Something as simple as beginning to incorporate this pre-round warmup at your desk can help the process of re-training the muscles to lengthen without causing pain. Besides just dreaming of hitting the range once 5:00 strikes, a basic stretch routine will help slowly bring your body out of shock and make it feel like you didn’t miss a beat since last season.

Range of Motion

Speaking of sitting at a desk…a stunted range of motion in the hips and shoulders is another casualty you can receive from prolonged inactivity or time hunched over a computer. Especially in the rotator cuff, a shorter range of motion can lead to a shorter backswing, less speed, and an increased risk of injury. Range of motion is also a matter of the upper back and shouldn’t be solely focused on the shoulders.

Core Stability

Without all that golf-specific rotation over the winter, a stiff upper back is likely to emerge when the clubs get dusted off, which can cause over-rotation through the lumbar spine. That over-rotation, in turn, puts strain on the low back and increases the likelihood of pain. Preventing lower back pain requires attention to several facets including posture, balance, mobility, and arguably most importantly, core stability. The core is made up of a few different muscle groups, but when they are strengthened as a whole, they can work in tandem to protect the spine and significantly decrease, or even eliminate, lower back pain.

Glute Strength

There are few sports that rely on gluteal strength for success as heavily as golf does. The problem is golf posture is such a unique bodily positIon. iIf it’s not one you practice and build muscle for, it can quickly become a point of contention in your golf swing. Over time, a weakening of the glutes can lead to decreased power and swing speed. Glute activation is an essential skill to see the distance gains every golf yearns for.

Time to Get Your Game Back

If you’re looking for a surefire way to hit the ground running in the 2023 golf season, GolfForever has you covered. The GolfForever Swing Trainer and app are the perfect pairing to accelerate your pre-season golf training and play without limits, starting with that very first round.

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