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Our standard free trial is 30 days. There is no commitment to continue after your free trial. If you have a promotional code, enter it on the next screen.
Our standard free trial is 30 days. There is no commitment to continue after your free trial. If you have a promotional code, enter it above.



Most golfers play the game constrained by their flexibility, range of motion, form, back strength, balance, injuries, and a host of other physical limitations. But what if you could play the game without limits? Maximum flexibility. Maximum form. Maximum results. And what if you could achieve it all with a simple, personalized plan, accessible any place and anytime you’re ready? With GOLFFOREVER, you can.

customized program
New workouts each day based on your goals, fitness level, available equipment, and any injuries you may have.
on-demand library
Browse a comprehensive library of expertly-guided routines to improve every part of your body and swing.
course management
Justin Leonard’s ongoing course management series will have you looking at every shot newly and shaving strokes off your score.
multiple ways to use
Use on your computer, iOS, or Android device; stream to your TV via AirPlay or Chromecast, or watch on Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV.
weekly email updates
Weekly educational email updates to keep you up-to-date with the latest in golf-specific fitness and health.
avoid injury
Struggling with back, neck, shoulder, knee, or elbow pain? We have dedicated programs to help you play pain-free.
"I've had back and neck pain for years which affected my ability to play golf. Dr. Jeremy James' GOLFFOREVER program has ended my pain and I'm in better shape than I've been in for twenty years. I now play golf better and more often than I did before this program." Bob Hurst | Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs


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How is GOLFFOREVER different from other video golf instruction and exercise programs out there?
Customized Until now, golf exercise programs were one size fits all, regardless of age or fitness level, with a focus only on building muscle or burning calories. Our programs are individually tailored to you based on your self assessment, designed by leading clinicians in the fields of human biomechanics, sports performance, and injury prevention. These are not your average gym trainer’s workouts. Every day’s workout is designed specifically for your body and your goals. Our number one focus is SAFE, effective golf exercise programs focused on preventing and relieving the joint pain and injuries commonly associated with the game. The “side effect” – our secondary focus – leads to an increase in distance, accuracy, and stamina. Led by Biomechanics Experts Dr. Jeremy James and Bill Fabrocini, Founder and co-developer respectively of GOLFFOREVER, draw from years of experience working in Aspen, CO, with countless Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympic and professional athletes, and hard-working people from all walks of life to enable them to continue doing the things they love after 40 – and excelling at them. Jeremy and Bill joined forces with Chris Crowley, the well-known anti-aging expert who espouses lifestyle changes that let people live “strong, fit and sexy until 80 and beyond.” Both Jeremy and Bill lent their expertise in human biomechanics to Crowley’s New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year series – commonly referred to as the “baby boomers’ bible” for health and longevity – with Bill contributing to The Younger Next Year Exercise Book and Jeremy co-authoring The Younger Next Year Back Book. Both Bill Fabrocini and Dr. James and their clinics have been featured in National Geographic Explorer, Outside Go magazine, Robb Report, NFL Magazine, The New York Post, Kingdom Magazine, PGA Tour Magazine and others. Thanks to today’s technology, all GOLFFOREVER members receive the same individualized programs that Dr. James and Bill Fabrocini’s clients received in person. Golf instruction that hits home where you need it most – on the course You can find golf instruction videos, tips, and drills just about anywhere. What’s nearly impossible to access is getting inside the mind of a world-class golfer to learn how the best think and play the game. Our exclusive course management series with GOLFFOREVER co-creator Justin Leonard does just that – taps into the former Ryder Cup star’s invaluable on-course advice that will have you immediately dropping shots and thinking like a player every time you tee up.
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How can one program work for everyone? Everyone is different - isn't this just a collection of workouts?
There are major commonalities about how we all move. Those with back and joint pain tend to bend, twist, lift, sit, stand, work and play golf in the same harmful patterns, which damage and breakdown your joints and soft tissue over time. The GOLFFOREVER program is successful in relieving pain, preventing injuries and improving accuracy and distance in most users, because the vast majority of golfers with pain and problem areas tend to need many of the same things: increased mobility in the shoulders and upper back, increased strength in the core and hips, and decreased rotation in the lower back during the backswing and follow-through. Our evidence-based self assessment allows us to precisely determine your starting point and how and when you should progress.
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How long does it take to see results?
If you stick to the program and are willing to commit to 15 minutes a day just a few days each week, you will likely see significant improvements in your pain, posture and/or swing within two weeks. Most will notice small changes in a few days.
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Is there a contract? Can I cancel anytime without calling or writing?
There is no contract. If you choose the monthly option, you’ll be charged $24.99 per month after your 30-day trial until you cancel. You may easily cancel from within your profile by clicking “profile” and “cancel subscription.” No need to call or write us, and no cancellation fee. If you choose the yearly option, you’ll be charged after the 30-day trail and then again after 12 months. You can cancel anytime before your yearly plan is up and still maintain access for the remainder of the 12-month period, based on your start date. You can cancel from within your profile by clicking “profile” and “cancel subscription.” There are no refunds for the yearly membership after the conclusion of your free 30-day trial period.
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Do I need to buy equipment for this program?
Tubing (aka bands) is an integral part of your personalized daily program, and you can also choose to include dumbbells, a Swiss ball and a foam roller if you have access to them. If you don’t have any equipment, you can buy through our site, on your own, or follow any of our hundreds of workouts and exercises that don’t require any equipment at all.