GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer User Instructions and Warnings

Setup and Basic Use

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is intended to be used with the GOLFFOREVER app. Your purchase includes free access to the entire program completely FREE for 30 days. 

Download the app:

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All relevant guidance and information on how to use your new Swing Trainer, as well as guided routines, are available in the digital program which can be accessed on any device.

Warnings and Safety Information:

Please read this warning in its entirety before using the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to significant injury and/or property damage.

GOLFFOREVER highly recommends that you complete a comprehensive physical examination before beginning any exercise program. Do not move into pain.  If you experience any discomfort during use, stop immediately & consult your physician.

Please use caution & carefully follow all exercise instructions. The instructions are provided for your benefit but you understand, acknowledge and agree that you are using the product at your own risk and subject to the limited product warranty provided at

It is appropriate to modify exercises as needed based on your fitness level and / or range of motion.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer, please contact Customer Service before using at 1 (888) 857-1324 or

User Safety Instructions

  1. Inspect all components before and after each use:  ball fitment, grips, resistance tubes, and carabiners noting: loose or broken parts, scratches, holes, tears, worn areas, stretch marks, discoloration, or loose stitching.
  2. If you find any defect, DO NOT USE the product, and contact GOLFFOREVER Customer Service. If the defect is covered by GOLFFOREVER’s warranty, GOLFFOREVER will repair or replace the product pursuant to the warranty terms and conditions. 
  3. Ensure that all obstructions and sharp objects are removed from the workout area.
  4. Only use the Swing Trainer and its components as intended and described on this page.
    • Carabiners included in this kit are for use only in connection with the Swing Trainer and are not intended for climbing or any other purpose or use.
    • Load on carabiners is intended to be longitudinal.  Cross loading carabiners can lead to catastrophic failure.  Cross loading is when weight is loaded to the carabiner gate and spine rather than along its longitudinal axis.
  5. Inappropriate or unintended use of this product may lead to serious person injury or property damage.
  6. The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is not intended for use by children and should only be used by people 18 years or older. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, pets, or any individual who may require supervision.
  7. When using the Swing trainer, ensure that you have adequate space and clearance to perform the exercises and movements prescribed by the GOLFFOREVER staff.
  8. Before using the ball fitment component, ensure that the ball fitment base is securely attached to the shaft via the retention pins (see user instructions).
  9. Before using the resistance tube component, ensure that the tube is securely attached to the shaft eye bolt and the anchor point, using the carabiners provided.  FAILURE TO SECURELY ATTACH THE BALL FITMENT BASE TO THE SHAFT OR FAILURE TO ATTACH THE TUBE TO THE SHAFT EYE BOLT AND THE ANCHOR POINT MAY LEAD TO SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE.
  10. Always use extreme caution to protect your eyes when using resistance tubes.
  11. Never release the Swing Trainer when the resistance tube is under tension.
    • Sudden release will cause the tube to snap and can cause significant injury, disfigurement, or death.
    • Do not use resistance tubes on concrete or other rough surfaces, which may tear, weaken, or scratch the fabric sheath or tube latex.
    • Do not stretch the tubes to more than 3 times their original length.
    • During use, carefully return the tube back to its original length before releasing.
    • Never wrap the tubes around your neck, mouth, head, shoulders, or torso.
    • Always use a strong anchor point such as a closed door or sturdy structure or piece of equipment.