Simple golf stretches and exercises from a PGA TOUR pro that you anywhere without gym equipment

As a 12-time PGA TOUR winner and major champion, Justin Leonard understands what it takes to keep your body ready for golf.

You don’t need to focus on bodybuilding to achieve a level of fitness that is great for golf. Instead, he places his focus on increasing flexibility and improving mobility. And he does this by going through a simple golf exercise routine at home.

In the video below (click the image to watch), Justin shares a few of his favorite golf exercises and stretches.

Best of all, they can be done from anywhere—at home or on the opening tee box.

GOLFFOREVER digital golf fitness program an ambassador, Justin Leonard
Click the image to view Justin's at-home golf warmup

Justin Leonard’s At-Home Golf Exercises:

  • Glute/Hip Stretch
  • Standing Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Squat Overhead Reach with Club
  • Rotation with Club

These exercises hit on a few key areas that are crucial for the golf swing. Hip mobility, shoulder mobility, glute and core activation, and rotational patterning. Importantly, all of this was accomplished without any gym equipment.

As Justin demonstrates, there’s a lot you can do to improve your flexibility in just a few minutes. This is especially important for those of us who tend to rush to the first tee without taking the time to warm up on the range.

We all know the feeling of working through stiffness on the first few holes. Remembering to go through these simple stretches while the rest of your foursome tees off, you will be feeling loose and ready to swing freely.

These short golf exercises will help keep you active, mobile, and building strength that will directly translate to your golf game. Practice Justin’s simple routine get the most out of your game.

Keep in mind, these quick at-home exercises are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the GOLFFOREVER program. Within the app, you'll find hundreds of simple golf stretches and exercises.

Up Your Game with GOLFFOREVER

Justin Leonard is a co-creator of the GOLFFOREVER digital fitness program with Dr. Jeremy James and other experts in human biomechanics.

Justin helped design a detailed series of fitness videos to address specific areas that will benefit your golf gameLearn more about how GOLFFOREVER’s full program helps you improve flexibility, increase strength, relieve pain, and more.

As for this fun routine of Justin’s we shared, give it a shot today and see just how great these simple exercises can make you feel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justin Leonard’s favorite at-home and pre-round stretches
  • Easy way to improve your flexibility in just a few minutes with no equipment
  • Improve hip mobility, shoulder mobility, glute and core activation, and rotational patterning
  • Great ways to stay loose at home and/or before your round