It’s the ultimate at-home golf training tool to unlock mobility, balance and power in your swing. Doubles as optimized weighted warmup club.


“I am so thrilled! I actually feel like the Swing Trainer has helped me take my fitness and game to a new level. A level that you can definitely measure improvement power and fluidity in the golf swing. Thanks for helping me out to become better.”

– Lisa DePaulo at the Senior LPGA Championship

“Using GolfForever is like nothing else I have ever done. I am actually getting a better physique and feeling even younger than my age of 56. Ball striking is back and I’m driving the ball like I was 30. It’s amazing what the core can accomplish and how the swing trainer gets you there without a lot of effort.”


“GF is EXCELLENT! I show the app to anyone who’ll listen when I’m out playing. My PT guy was very impressed! I’ve also cautioned people to expect to be sore after beginning to use GF – especially if they think they are in “great shape”! I found that out the hard way! The exercises are that specific! And please pass my gratitude along to Mr. Leonard. He’s aligned himself with a good product and attentive people!


“For me this was a better investment than buying new clubs. Being an older golfer (52) the added flexibility that I am gaining is no comparison to buying a bunch of new equipment to improve my game. The exercises work. Your swing just changes in a way that becomes effortless and the ball goes further. The game is still a grind but the program works."


“I’m happy to report that after 2 weeks on the program I’ve seen MAJOR improvement in my strength and flexibility. +12-14 yards with irons and that much or more off the tee. Thank you to all members of the team both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.”


“I use the app everyday. I had a spinal fusion of my L4, L5 last summer and my thoracic vertebrae locked up on me. After using this app for 2 months my game is back to what it was before the surgery. Now I need to work on my early extension. Great app, I highly recommend it.”


“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you’ve done, and are doing… to assist people with their health and fitness.


I’m a 59 year old man who has been playing golf for half that time, and I am so enjoying… and using GolfForever. I’ve always been in “Okay” shape, but I have certainly slowed down these last 10 years.


It’s been just about 30-days since I joined GolfForever and it is definitely a new routine now that I intend to maintain for…well… forever!”



“I have been using the program for a little over a year now and at 70 years old, I’m hitting the ball farther than I did when I was 60. And I feel so much better at the end of the round. No more aches and pains.”


“It is so apparent that you really focused on golfers and what they need to improve. Most of the time, golfers are unable to swing correctly because their bodies cannot get to the proper positions. I just want to tell how much I look forward to your workouts every day.”


“As a 53 year old male golfer with a 7.5 handicap that is losing distance and gaining aches and pains I love that GolfForever addresses both issues in one program. I have been using the program for about 3 months now and I am stronger, have greater mobility and flexibility AND daily aches and pains (hip and low back) are truly reduced. I am snowbound right now (February in Minnesota) but can’t wait to get on the course and hopefully see the swing benefits that will be the icing on the cake!!!”