Unlock Your Students’ Potential with GolfForever Certification

It’s probably not a stretch to say you’ve encountered limitations in a student’s body that hindered their potential for progress on the lesson tee. Or, even to go so far as to say many of your students have exhibited some obvious physical limitations that you’ve had to work around as their coach.

That, of course, can be frustrating. And make your job tougher than it already is.

This is why we created GolfForever Certification. 

We know that, as a golf instructor, every minute of your lessons needs to be efficient. Also, that many of your students spend too much of that lesson time warming up. And, when they are finally warmed up, their ability to maintain focus and make real gains is limited because their body can’t get them to perform the way they should. Or, how they expect they should.

So, we’ve designed an educational program and teaching tool with all of this in mind. 

With GolfForever Certification, you’ll learn how to identify the key areas of your student’s body that might be affecting their swing within five minutes. You’ll be able to use our teaching tool – GolfForever CoachConnect – to input any deficiencies and rely on the app before a lesson to serve them a handful of 60-second body-activation drills to address those issues and prime their body for performance. You’ll also be able to use this first-of-its-kind platform during lessons to access drills that create specific feels and swing motor patterns for your students from a biomechanical standpoint.

Outside of your lessons, your students can make lasting physical changes using the GolfForever app while you create an additional source of income from referrals.

The combined result is a solution that fits your everyday life as a golf coach and one that, above all, will make a real difference with your students.

We take a different approach

Unlike other programs that demand significant time, financial resources and ongoing effort, GolfForever Certification prioritizes practicality and efficiency.

GolfForever Certification – Level 1 is a three-to-four-hour online course that fits your busy schedule. With introductory pricing of $399.98 that includes a variety of benefits and commissions on student referrals, it’s also an affordable investment with a clear return.

More importantly, it’s easy to learn and the knowledge and tools you’ll gain are immediately actionable within your lessons.

Learn to view your golfers as athletes

GolfForever Certification teaches you to approach every student like an athlete, regardless of their age or physical abilities. This may seem far-fetched for some of your students who don’t move very well, but the 3 Pillars of Golf Athleticism, as we define it – mobility, strength and balance – play a role in every golfer’s swing and your ability to coach them.

They’re also the foundation of the GolfForever Field Assessment – our five-minute screen you’ll learn to do with every student to quickly identify any physical deficiencies that might be affecting their swing – and personalized drills with a biomechanical focus that you can use with students to address their deficiencies before and during a lesson.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what you’ll learn in GolfForever Certification - Level 1:

  • Part I, 3 Pillars of Athleticism: Master the foundational concepts of the 3 Pillars of Athleticism and how they relate to areas of golf performance such as swing speed, consistency and injury prevention.
  • Part II, How Athletic Deficiencies Impact the Golfer: Learn about how athletic deficiencies impact golfers and their swing taking into account factors such as lifestyle, age/gender, and baseline level of fitness.
  • Part III, Taking Care of Your Body as a Golf Coach: Gain strategies and access to workouts to help with work-related physical stresses to prepare your body for a full day of teaching and time at the course.
  • Part IV, The Student Field Assessment: Discover how easy it is to test your students’ golf athleticism with the GolfForever Field Assessment and instantly receive a pre-lesson body activation plan using our first-of-its-kind CoachConnect platform — an exclusive feature in the GolfForever app designed just for golf coaches.
  • Part V, How to Integrate GolfForever: Learn how easy it is to apply everything you’ve learned and use it in lessons with your students.

What you’ll receive as a GolfForever Level 1 Certified Coach

GolfForever Certification is more than just an accreditation program; it's an investment in your coaching practice and your students' success. You'll not only gain the knowledge and tools needed to accelerate your students’ improvement while adding an additional source of income, you’ll help your students in a way that will improve their lives off the course, too.

As part of your purchase to become a GolfForever Level 1 Certified Coach, you’ll receive the following: 

  • GolfForever Certification - Level 1 course: 3-4-hour online program with exam required to pass
  • 1 GolfForever Swing Trainer for in-lesson and personal use
  • 1 year of full access to GolfForever CoachConnect
  • 1 year of personal membership to the GolfForever app
  • Commissions for every student referral to GolfForever
  • Continuing education resources and forums
  • Ability to earn 3 PGA of America PDR credits and 4 LPGA CU credits
  • Featured GolfForever Certified Coach listing on GolfForever.com

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