A Better Golf Swing Starts With Improving Your Body

Get the most out of your golf swing by adding quick and simple golf exercises to your daily routine

Justin Leonard performing exercises with Dr. Jeremy James to help golf game
GOLFFOREVER co-creator, Justin Leonard

When golfers think about improving their swing, they often envision expensive lessons, new golf equipment, or hours grinding on the range.

Probably the most effective way to finding a better golf swing is by adding a simple golf fitness routine.

When it comes to golf stretching and exercises designed to improve your swing, you can make noticeable improvements to your body with little to no equipment. And you can do it all from the comfort of home. Additionally, daily golf workout routines are not time-consuming. In fact, most can be completed in about 15 minutes.

The effect of golf fitness on your swing

A well-rounded golf fitness program typically centers around three core pillars — all of which directly correlate to a better golf swing:

  • Flexibility & mobility
  • Core strength
  • Balance

While all different in nature, these three components are very much connected when it comes to improving your ability to generate high rotational forces (clubhead speed) with control, and in a manner that doesn’t cause pain or injury.

1. Flexibility & Mobility

man driving a golf ball

It’s first important to note that flexibility and mobility are not the same thing.

Typically, people understand that flexibility is the degree to which a muscle can be passively moved through a range of motion, like when stretching. Mobility, on the other hand, is not as commonly understood. Simply stated, mobility is the degree to which you can actively move a joint through its range of motion, like during a golf swing.

To get the most out of your golf swing, it’s vitally important to work on your mobility.

In fact, as the two exercises below illustrate, there is a lot you can do at home with no equipment to improve your mobility and work on the other pillars of core strength and balance in the process.

2. Core Strength


The first exercise is the simple plank. This is one of the best exercises to develop core strength and stability. Both of which are crucial for a powerful swing. It’s a common exercise you see being performed in gyms and many fitness routines. Pay close attention to the video as most people do this simple exercise the wrong way.

Along with the rest of your golf fitness routine, the plank will help you build a strong, healthy core that will translate directly to your golf swing.

3. Balance


Many golfers struggle with a lack of hip mobility. The T-Squat can go along way to improving this. The T-Squat improves range of motion and strength in the hip. This ultimately leads to increased hip mobility.

Having good balance is a vital component of generating and controlling high-speed rotational forces. Looking for more clubhead speed? You’ll be surprised how effective better balance can be to helping you get it.

The big picture of golf fitness

While these exercises are excellent ways to improve your physical health at home, they are just part of the broader initiatives you can take to improve your body and your game.

In addition to improving your flexibility and mobility, core strength, and balance, strength training can have a significant impact on your performance. It’s also a vital component to unlocking your maximum rotational power and improving your movement patterns for the repetitive, unnatural motions of the golf swing.

To play feel-great golf, you need to focus on improving your body. In doing so, you will see improvements in your ability as a golfer as well.

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