Ambassador Spotlight: Kyle Hrubes

A graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, now The Golf Academy of America, Kyle has his Associate’s Degree in Golf Operations and Management and is a certified golf instructor based in Metairie, Louisiana. Kyle is also the owner and operator of Golf Nola LLC, a company he started in hopes of growing the game of golf in New Orleans and the surrounding area.  Golf Nola grants tourists a list of golf courses and hotels within 60 minutes of downtown New Orleans. Locals and visitors alike can also find helpful information in The Golf Nola blog, which features course and product reviews, instructional videos and swing tips, general golf talk, and local golf news. 

A user of the GolfForever Training System since its inception in November of 2021, Hrubes believed so strongly in the product that he joined our Brand Ambassador program after only three months of dedicated use, and we are thrilled he did. When asked about his experience using the GolfForever Swing Trainer and App, Hrubes had nothing but good things to say.

GolfForever: What is your favorite thing about the GolfForever System?

Kyle: First I have to say my favorite thing is that GolfForever even exists at all. The main thing I love is the portability of the system. Whether I am at home, in a hotel, staying with family, or at the golf course, I can use the GolfForever training system which can be used literally anywhere. The door anchor is my favorite attachment that makes it so easy to set up anywhere you have a door and a few feet of space. I have even wedged it into the door of my Explorer when I was pumping gas.

GolfForever: Who is your favorite GolfForever Trainer? Why?

Kyle: I have to go with Pete Holman. Unlike many personal trainers I have tried in the past that are all rah-rah, yelling to push someone, Pete is motivational without the hype. He is to the point, optimistic, positive, and really knows what he is talking about. Pete also talks in a way as if he knows you personally and genuinely cares about your progress. This was a tough question, though, as Dr. Jeremy James, GolfForever's founder, is very similar to Pete; he wants the best results for everyone. It honestly came down to who I have watched more videos from.

Always looking for ways to improve both personally and professionally, Kyle spends what limited free time he has at the beach playing beach volleyball, on the water fishing, at home playing with his nieces or, of course, playing golf; all activities made easier with his newfound strength, flexibility, and power through the GolfForever Training System. We look forward to many more years with Kyle Hrubes as part of the GolfForever family. 

Thanks for all you do for the golf community, Kyle!

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