Best Golf Balance Exercises

Generally speaking, balance is the most under-trained aspect within most golf training programs. But as you surely understand - balance is perhaps the most fundamental element of your golf swing.

People tend to think a loss of balance is an unwanted side effect of aging. It’s true—like so many things related to our bodies—balance does diminish with age… but only if not practiced.

Here’s the encouraging news: balance WILL improve when practiced regularly - and doing so will pay dividends on the course. 

Generating maximum power and consistency in your golf swing requires that all of the body’s systems related to balance work together: your vestibular system (inner ear), proprioceptive system (cells found in ligaments and joints that tell your brain where your limbs are in space), muscular system, and visual system. It’s important to challenge these systems individually and together.

The best way to do this? Practicing simple balance drills on a regular basis. The following video contains several simple movements and exercises that you can do anywhere with just a golf club. These balance moves train all four systems to improve your balance in golf-specific ways. As an added benefit, nearly all of these exercises serve a dual purpose of also improving flexibility in the hips, rotational coordination, and core muscle activation.

As we say at GolfForever, change comes with commitment. A little bit of balance work a few times a week will go a long way toward enabling you to Play Without Limits!

Jeremy James, DC, CSCS
Co-Author, The Younger Next Year Back Book. Golf-performance and pain specialist to PGA pros,
Fortune 500 CEOs and thousands of everyday golfers