Bulletproof Core Workout

This rotational power workout uses the Swing Trainer to help you form a rock-solid, bulletproof core. The Swing Trainer is all about the core, and we’re using it to target every angle in this workout. This routine is going to improve your core strength which, in turn, gets you more clubhead speed, and most importantly, protects your spine from injury.

For this workout, you’ll need your GolfForever Swing Trainer, a soft mat, and a decent amount of space! You’ll want to anchor your swing trainer at torso level, between your hips and rib cage. If you have experience with the Swing Trainer, you know it can be a little challenging in the beginning, but you’ll quickly start to see changes in your mobility and strength, so keep at it!


Jeremy James, DC, CSCS
Co-Author, The Younger Next Year Back Book. Golf-performance and pain specialist to PGA pros, Fortune 500 CEOs, and thousands of everyday golfers