GolfForever launches certification program empowering instructors to unlock students’ physical limitations, accelerate improvement

GolfForever, the Official Golf Fitness System of the PGA TOUR and leading at-home golf training system that helps golfers play without limits, proudly announces the launch of GolfForever Certification. The first-of-its-kind program teaches golf instructors how to identify areas of a student’s body that may be affecting their swing, then give them tools to help the student improve those physical deficiencies, both during lessons and at home. 


It is an effective and practical solution for instructors to address the physical limitations many golfers deal with, giving the instructor a body that they can actually coach.

“A golf coach’s job is inherently challenging considering the difficult nature of the game. This is often made more difficult with students who have physical issues preventing them from swinging and improving the way the coach wants them to,” said Jon Levy, GolfForever’s Vice President of Communications and Strategic Partnerships. “So, we created an easy way for coaches to recognize key issues in their students’ bodies in a just a few minutes, put that information into the GolfForever app and let us take it from there. The coach then has an aid to give students the exact drills needed to activate their bodies and perform optimally during the lesson, and a turnkey resource for students to improve their bodies with GolfForever on their own time.”


How GolfForever Certification Works

The process is simple. After Coaches register for GolfForever Certification, they are given access to an online portal full of sequential informational videos that are broken into an introduction and five parts, with a final exam that must be passed to become certified. The whole program takes roughly three to four hours to complete.

When finished, coaches will have the basic knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to golf and the swing, the skills to facilitate a simple student assessment that identifies which areas of their body may be affecting their swing, and access to GolfForever CoachConnect – a new feature in the GolfForever app created solely for GolfForever Certified Coaches to use with their students.


Introducing GolfForever CoachConnect: The Instructor’s Tool to Unlock Students’ Bodies

CoachConnect features dynamic functionality that allows a coach to facilitate an assessment with a student, add as many students as they want and track a respective student’s progress. (Example: If it’s been determined that a student’s hips are tight, CoachConnect will suggest appropriate 45-to-60-second hip mobility activation drills the student can do before a lesson starts. The coach can also choose from a full library of drills during a lesson to create specific feels or movement patterns from a physical activation standpoint.)

Designed to fit seamlessly with the fast-paced flow of a typical golf lesson, coaches are encouraged to begin every lesson with these drills to greatly accelerate a student’s warmup routine and leave more time for a coach to do what they do best.


The Team Behind GolfForever Certification

The designer of GolfForever Certification is GolfForever Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Dr. Jeremy James. Additionally, GolfForever instructors Dr. Troy Van Biezen, Blaire Brown, Pete Holman, Andrea Doddato and Scott Shepard and Jon Levy are key contributors of the curriculum and its easily-digestible videos.

“We’re solving a major issue in golf instruction using the same foundation and mission of GolfForever that’s been so effective with thousands of our members,” James said. “Coaches’ jobs are difficult as it is. We’ve now created a way for them to become more effective at their jobs.”


Pros Can Get Started Now

GolfForever Certification will launch its foundational Level 1 program at an introductory cost of $399.98 before releasing additional courses in the future. Included in this cost is access to the online course, a GolfForever Swing Trainer for personal and in-lesson use, one year of full access to GolfForever CoachConnect and personal membership to the GolfForever app, commissions for every student referral to GolfForever and membership renewals, continuing education and resources that include access to GolfForever experts, three PDR continuing education credits for PGA Professionals and a featured GolfForever Certified Coach listing on

For more information about GolfForever Certification, visit

GolfForever is the first golf-specific training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming instruction that customizes each golfer’s exercise routines specifically for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test. The GolfForever Swing Trainer, highlighted by its asymmetrical resistance training bar that can be anchored easily at home, the gym or the course, is a three-in-one training tool that additionally creates premium resistance bands with handles and a D3 swing weight-optimized heavy warmup club. All three uses, driven by guided instruction from golf fitness and medical experts in the GolfForever app, directly benefit the strength, mobility and movement patterns in your golf swing.

The GolfForever Swing Trainer is available at and on Amazon, and in leading golf retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, and PGA Tour Superstore. The GolfForever mobile golf training application is available for download and 30 days of free access on the Apple Store and Google Play.


About GolfForever

GolfForever is a comprehensive, smart at-home training system that takes a science-based approach to maximizing golfers’ performance by improving flexibility, core strength, balance and rotational power. The first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming instruction, GolfForever takes it one step further by customizing each golfer’s exercise routines just for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test users take when starting. The result is a product and program that is safe, highly effective for any golfer and proven to work, as evidenced by a pilot study that saw users who used GolfForever three days per week for 30 days gain an average of 26 yards with their driver. With exercise routines designed by some of the top PGA Tour trainers and orthopedic experts in the U.S., GolfForever users can expect to swing and perform their best – with a pain-free body – for as long as they play the game. It is used by more than 400 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players, and thousands of everyday golfers alike. Founded in Aspen, Colorado in 2019 by Dr. Jeremy James, a leading specialist in chronic back pain and co-author of the Younger Next Year Back Book, GolfForever is the ideal companion to expert golf instruction. For more information go to or download the new mobile application on the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.


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