How to Avoid Swing Fatigue on the Back Nine

A golf exercise program for a consistent swing being performed inside the home

You can't be clutch down the stretch if you're fighting a tired golf swing.


Golf is a game of consistency.

Of course, it’s one thing to know that, but actually achieving consistency is something that all golfers struggle with on a daily basis.

And for golfers whose games fade quickly as the round moves on, sustaining a consistent swing becomes a major struggle when your match is on the line during the final holes.

So, how do you keep swinging as well on the 18th hole as you did on the first? The answer is avoiding “swing fatigue.” 

A lack of strength training in the right areas can cause a loss of flexibility and muscle fatigue. This in turn leads to increased pressure on your hips, back, and shoulder joints. The result is a swing that won’t hold up for the four-plus hours you need it to while playing golf.

When swing fatigue kicks in, you see it in your game. It can often be painful on your body, as well as your scorecard if you stumble on the closing holes with unsolid shots and lack of distance because you’ve lost rotational speed in your golf swing.

That’s where the best golf exercise program from GOLFFOREVER comes in.

To avoid swing fatigue and maintain consistency throughout your entire round, get GOLFFOREVER’s customized golf training program. It helps you strengthen the core muscles and increase flexibility and joint mobility. This is especially important in your hips, where it matters most in golf.

Best of all? Most of our routines are 20 minutes or less.

The golf exercises in GOLFFOREVER are individually catered to your body's specific needs. So, you'll be able to work on all the areas that are leading to your swing fatigue, so you can start playing your best golf through the 18th hole and beyond.

Become the golfer who finishes a round of golf, or even 36 holes, with a consistent golf swing.