GolfForever Stories: Meet Matt

Meet Matt L., a 3-handicap golfer, dad, granddad, and anesthesiologist. Matt understands the challenge of balancing a demanding career with the pursuit of a perfect swing. That's why GolfForever became his game-changer. Since 2022, the GolfForever training system, which includes the Swing Trainer and app membership, has seamlessly integrated golf fitness into Matt's routine, enhancing his flexibility and explosiveness for powerful, pain-free play – even with pre-round warmups. 

Here are Matt's secrets – favorite exercises and time-saving tips - to help you achieve similar results.

What is your golf background? 

I started playing when I was 25 years old. I had casually messed around before, but never took it seriously until my brother got into it around age 25. 

The feeling of hitting it well was addictive, and I immediately got hooked. 

Today, I love golf because it allows me to enjoy the outdoors and play. It's a great outlet for me after working in the O.R. (operating room). It's an escape, a way to connect with myself and my daughter. 

I've played most of my golf with my daughter, Sophie, who is 14 years old and in 9th grade. She has reignited my love for the game and brings out a more "kid-like" spirit in me on the course. She has helped me approach challenging shots with curiosity rather than worrying about the outcome. I'm getting back to thinking, "why not try this shot?" 

My favorite course is the Seaside Course at Sea Island Resort in Georgia.

What drew you to GolfForever? 

I love working out, especially with golf-specific exercises. I didn’t realize the app came with the GolfForever Swing Trainer. It’s been a great resource to learn more golf-specific moves.

What are your favorite GolfForever exercises? 

I really enjoy Scottie Scheffler's Masters Warmup with the GolfForever Swing Trainer | Middle/Back Tees. Here are some of my favorite moves from that workout:

Split Stance Rotation - 8 reps each side

Split Stance Rotation in Address Position - 8 reps each side

Single Leg Balance with Overhead Lateral Hold - Hold for 30 seconds per side

Step Back with a Turn and Press - 8 each side

Lateral Lunge Hold with Rotation - 8 reps each side

Before using the GolfForever, what were your biggest challenges with your golf game? 

My biggest physical challenges were my flexibility and explosiveness. I had never focused on this aspect of training.

How have different parts of your game improved since using GolfForever? 

I use the GolfForever Swing Trainer as a pre-round warmup and as a pre-speed training warmup. My body feels prepared and ready to go after the warmup. 

For my golf swing specifically, my backswing has more stability, and I can hold my follow-through position without the “slide” due to the improvement in core strength and balance. 

At my age, I am proud of maintaining my distance, averaging about 250-260 yards off the tee, which is great for me. Along with distance, I am hitting more fairways, and the increased accuracy is just as much a benefit as the distance!

How has GolfForever helped you with your consistently?

The portability of the product has helped me be more consistent and feel better on a daily basis. I use it at work, pre-round, and pre-speed training! It is easy to hook up in different spots. I use the door anchor at work and hook it up to the car before rounds and practice sessions.

Do you have any other thoughts to share about GolfForever? 

The GolfForever Swing Trainer is a great product because it is multi-purpose. I love using it to warm-up for a round or speed training and incorporate it into workouts, plus bring it on the on-the-go with me so I can maintain my fitness. It is a great product for golfers who want to see improvements in how their bodies move and feel.