Unlock Your Golfing Potential: Inside the GolfForever Training System

Remember the impressive shots you saw in Netflix's hit docuseries "Full Swing"?  Well, those pros weren't just relying on natural talent – many use the same training system you can: GolfForever, the Official Strength and Flexibility System of the PGA TOUR.  With GolfForever, golfers of all abilities can unlock the secrets used by the game's elite and elevate their game to new levels and achieve pain-free longevity on the course. 

The GolfForever Dynamic Duo:

Trusted by 400+ Tour Pros, GolfForever's secret weapon lies in its two powerhouses working in tandem:

  • The GolfForever App Membership: Your pocket-sized golf coach. The app provides you a personalized workout plan based on a quick in-app flexibility and strength assessment and your unique goals. This ensures every workout is tailored to you in order to build the physical foundation for a consistent swing.

  • The GolfForever Swing Trainer: The pinnacle of golf training tools, engineered to enhance strength and mobility in your swing like never before. The GolfForever Swing Trainer doubles as a golf workout tool and pre-round warmup club, empowering you to develop mobility, strength, speed, power, and consistency in your swing. Guided by your personalized plan in the GolfForever app, the Swing Trainer ensures optimal performance. 

Train Anywhere, Improve Everywhere:

The beauty of GolfForever lies in its adaptability. It doesn't confine you to a gym; it becomes an extension of your golfing lifestyle:

  • Home Workouts: No gym membership needed. Follow a personalized 30-45 minute routine from the app with your Swing Trainer in your living room, basement, or even your backyard.

  • Pre-Round Warmup: Take the GolfForever advantage to the course. Loosen up with targeted exercises using the Swing Trainer before your tee time, ensuring a smooth and powerful swing from the first hole.

  • Travel-Ready Training: The app and Swing Trainer's compact design make golf improvement portable. Whether you're on a business trip or a weekend getaway, maintain your training momentum with the GolfForever Training System.

Anchoring Your Success: Anywhere, Anytime

One of the Swing Trainer's biggest advantages is its versatility when it comes to anchoring. Don't worry about bulky equipment or limited space. The included carabiner and secure door anchor let you easily attach the Swing Trainer to a variety of objects, making workouts convenient.

  • Slide it into an open door hinge and get started with your workout routine in the comfort of your home.

  • Heading to the course? Secure the resistance cord on a golf cart for a pre-round warm-up session that activates your swing muscles.

  • Traveling with limited space? Use a stable tree branch or a sturdy furniture post in your hotel room to anchor the Swing Trainer and squeeze in a quick workout.

See Faster Results: Unleash Your Inner Power

By combining personalized training with a revolutionary training tool, GolfForever empowers you to achieve your golfing aspirations:

  • Swing with freedom and confidence: Develop a faster and more powerful swing for better distance and control.
  • Reduce Injury Risk: Train your body to prevent common golf-related injuries.
  • Enhance Flexibility & Strength: Gain the physical attributes needed for peak performance on the course.
  • See Faster Results: Focused training routines, tailored to your needs, help you reach your goals quicker. In fact, golfers in a study who used GolfForever 3x/week for 30 days gained an average of 26 yards. Imagine the improvement you could see with consistent training.


Join the GolfForever Movement to Unleash Your Inner Champion!

Ready to transform your golf game? Here's how to get started:

  • Unlock Your Full Potential: Experience the complete GolfForever Training System, which includes both the Swing Trainer and a 1-Year Membership to the GolfForever App. Save $80 (valid until March 20, 2024). 


  • Take the First Step: Get started with the GolfForever Swing Trainer and enjoy a free 30-Day trial of the GolfForever App. 


Experience the difference a personalized golf training program can make in your game!