Pre-Round Warmup At Your Desk

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances for a great round is to warm up key areas of your body before hitting the range. Sitting at a computer all day can make you stiff which spells disaster on the golf course. This also puts you at a higher risk for injury. Getting the blood flowing and introducing range of motion into the hips and shoulders prior to taking that first swing will give you more bang for your buck than an extra 15 minutes on the range. The best part is - you can do this from your home or office in about ten minutes with no equipment and without getting down on the floor. In this routine, we'll take you through a quick, pre-round warmup you can do from your desk. Anyone can do this highly effective warmup, anywhere and any time.

Jeremy James, DC, CSCS
Co-Author, The Younger Next Year Back Book. Golf-performance and pain specialist to PGA pros, Fortune 500 CEOs, and thousands of everyday golfers