The Secret to Relieving Lower-Back Pain for Golf

single leg romanian deadlift golf exercise

Learn how strengthening your upper back can relieve and prevent nagging lower back pain.

The golf swing is the major cause for lower back pain. On the downswing, a golfer exerts up 20x their own body weight in force!

Before the start of any rotational movement in the golf swing, a golfer needs to get positioned into their setup stance over the ball. To get into that proper setup position, you need to hinge your waist.

This requires flexibility in your hips and flexibility in your hamstrings. Exercises like the Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (SLRD), work to develop that flexibility. It also helps to build core strength as well as your ability to optimize rotation throughout your golf swing.

GOLFFOREVER offers golf exercise programs specifically targeted to increase your mobility. Increased mobility will not only help relieve back pain, but also prevent it.

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As Bill explains in the video below, this exercise can be done by either rotating in your upper body OR rotating in your hips/pelvis. So, depending on what area of rotation you want to focus on, you can cater the exercise to your needs. Better yet, practice this both ways to get the most complete rotational workout.

While this exercise can be quite challenging and require a high level of balance and mobility, SLRD can be regressed by using a chair. A chair will help you achieve the same objective while providing an easier way to maintain balance throughout the routine.

Watch the full video to see all the various ways you can practice SLRD: Thoracic Rotation.

Add this exercise to your golf workout routine to help strengthen your upper back and relieve lower back pain. Find the method that works best for you, and move up to the more challenging techniques as you begin to master this helpful golf exercise.