Travel Smart: Tips to Keep Your Body Ready on the Road

Summertime is a busy season for travel, playing golf, and attending golf events. At GOLFFOREVER, we want everyone to be able to venture to places and golf courses on their bucket list. The reality is that travel can be rough on the body due to the physical demands travel places on the body and the challenges faced with maintaining our exercise and warmup routines.

Travel also comes with lots of sedentariness. From prolonged sitting in the car to standing in security lines, many of us have trouble staying in one position for a long period of time. Many of us are accustomed to being on the go and changing positions frequently. As a result, having the postural stability and endurance required during travel to stay still in one position becomes a challenge.

The good news is that simple and easy-to-implement strategies will help you work through these physical challenges so your body will be ready to play golf when you arrive at your destination!

Tips for Prolonged Sitting

Change Position

When sitting for long periods, the hip flexors start to tighten up. Then, when you go to stand, they have to stretch. If they cannot relax and stretch, it will put pressure on the lower back, contributing to the onset of stiffness and or pain. Even a brief change of position can help prevent back pain. For example, if you are driving and cannot stand up every 30 to 60 minutes, try adjusting the angle of the seat’s backrest to help create a subtle change in hip angle! This change in the load's direction through the spine will also help relieve or prevent pain.

Improve Your Posture

  1. Make sure your hips are all the way back into the crease of the seat. This will help you use the backrest with an upright posture. Using the backrest is essential for prolonged sitting to prevent postural fatigue.
  2. Make sure your feet have strong contact with the ground when possible. This improves pelvic stability and creates a stable base for the upper half of the body. If needed, prop your foot on your bag under the seat before you.
  3. Use a rolled-up blanket, towel, pillow, or water bottle to create a lumbar roll for back support. This will help maintain the natural curve in the lower back.
  4. Avoid leaning to one side of your seat to favor an armrest. This will cause you to shift weight to one side of the pelvis, leading to tightness and soreness on one side of the lower back and hip.


Prepare the spine, pelvis, and hips for the change in position before standing up. Even something as simple as performing ten pelvic tilts before standing up can prepare the body for the transition and decrease the risk of muscle spasms.

Tips for Prolonged Standing & Lifting

Improve Your Posture

Always be aware of your posture while waiting and standing and use every opportunity to practice good posture. Your back will benefit when you balance your weight equally between both feet and shift your weight back and forth occasionally.

When you’re ready to lift your clubs and luggage, use a wide stance and squat down, using your glutes and legs; keep your glutes back and your weight in your heels. Keep your core strong brace. Remember, if you aren’t using your glutes and core when you pick up things, you’re smaller, weaker muscles will compensate and become overwhelmed.

When you need to pick up items off the ground, shorten the lever arm between you and the object. This means reducing the distance between the arm you are retrieving the item with and the item. Further, just like when retrieving your golf ball, use the “golfer’s lift.” Bend at the hip like a pendulum, and lift one leg behind you with a flat back.

Stay Moving by Using the GOLFFOREVER APP at Your Destination

When you finally arrive at your destination, it’s a terrific time to tap into the GOLFFOREVER app!

  • Jump into a full-body stretching workout to lubricate your joints as soon as possible.
  • Make time to complete your personalized Today’s Workout while you're traveling.
  • Give yourself extra time to warm up, complete your workout, and cool down. Your body will benefit immensely from moving and help you be ready for your return trip.

Hopefully these tips will help you go into your next trip with a plan to protect your back and spine so you can enjoy your trip and feel great too!