What your back pain is trying to tell you

It is painful to know that 35% of reported professional golf injuries are back related. We often share that the golf swing is an unnatural movement, without an understanding of pain cause and effect in the back, injury can and does occur. Even professional golfers with teams of trainers and experts still incur back injuries. 

We all want to avoid pain, we take many measures to manage and reduce it.  Of course, we are all motivated to get out of pain as quickly as possible. However, dosing pain with medication without listening to what your pain is telling you about your body is to miss important information. In this infographic, we share actionable information for pain response and management from Dr. Jeremy James.


Movement for pain relief is why we started GOLFFORVER. When you complete the GOLFFOREVER assessment, enter any back pain issues you have and update your assessment with any changes. Your custom program will accommodate your injury and serve your recovery routines in your Today's Workout. Try it free for 30 days. Start are your pace. In a week of workouts with us, you will feel the difference. Please come back and share your pain relief results with us.

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