College Program Notebook

Launched in early Fall 2022, the GolfForever College Program has already garnered significant buzz and noteworthy attention from some of the top names in collegiate golf across the country including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas A & M. The individualized nature of our program paired with its extreme portability has made it the perfect fit for aspiring professionals and elite-level collegiate amateur golfers.

Strength coaches see the value in and importance of incorporating rotational and spine-specific exercises into golf teams' conditioning sessions. Coaches are excited at the prospect of elevating pre-round routines with the Swing Trainer's ability to activate every muscle in the body before transitioning to the range as a weighted warm-up club.

Recognizing the void that exists in college golf with trainers who are usually classically educated to craft programs geared towards the endurance training demanded of explosive impact sports, GolfForever acts as the golf-specific bridge between strength and conditioning and tournament day. Over 20 NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA programs already agree, GolfForever belongs in college golf.

"As someone who played college and professional golf, GolfForever is something I wish I had had as part of my preparation routine. We want every student athlete to have the ability to perform at their best, stay injury-free and play golf... forever. That's why we created this program.

I think GolfForever College is being received so well because it drills down to specifics of the golf swing while giving coaches the peace of mind that movements are being done properly via our trainers and video workouts. If the team is at the hotel on the road or at home over a break, they can still make progress towards their fitness and golf goals without sacrificing form." -Nicole Hage, GolfForever Business Development, College Program & Ambassador Programs Director