Select GolfForever Proudly Partners with Renowned PGA Tour Coach, Rick Smith

GolfForever is continually committed to helping golfers play without limits. That dedication is what led us to partner with Golf Digest Top 10 Teacher, Rick Smith, and provide creative content using tools like the GolfForever Swing Trainer that directly applies to any golfer’s swing.

Having taught the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and many other world-class players during his career that spans over 40 years, the Hall of Fame swing coach has been actively using the GolfForever program and Swing Trainer with his students to both correct their swing faults and help them become better golfers. In his new Golf Swing Training Series with Rick Smith on the GolfForever app, Smith showcases over a dozen easy-to-follow, practical drills with the Swing Trainer that any golfer can use to improve their movement patterns.

Smith’s “Nailing the Checkpoints” drill, for example, uses the Swing Trainer in a creative way that turns the green ball attachment into an anchor point for the body. His “Follow-Through Extension” drill uses the technique of releasing the dominant hand in the downswing to feel lead arm extension paired with full-body rotation, and his “Completing Your Backswing” drill uses the Swing Trainer’s cord attachment to feel the perfect top-of-backswing position for a powerful, repeatable golf swing.

A Perfect Pairing

“With the structure of the GolfForever Swing Trainer, you can duplicate particularly useful feels that are in the golf swing with your arms, hands and wrists,” Smith said. “I instantly started creating different golf swing concepts that I’ve always had and then I started getting creative with it. The GolfForever platform is wonderful. It takes words away and creates motion and feel. The customized nature of the app is a game-changer to help anyone’s body move the way it needs to in the swing.”

GolfForever Vice President of Communications and Strategic Partnerships, Jon Levy, who co-hosts the series with Smith, encapsulates what the addition of an esteemed coach like Rick Smith means to the company and its ability to serve its members:

“Rick Smith is a generational talent in golf instruction who will be considered as one of the finest to ever teach the game. We are proud to leverage his vast expertise and creativity that adds another dimension of content for our users. Rick immediately saw value and practical applications in our training system that elevated his coaching, and we’re excited for our users to experience this unique style of content using the Swing Trainer that extends beyond fitness training.”

If you’re not already a member of GolfForever, now is a great time to start your free 30-day trial to the 4.8 App Store-rated GolfForever app and experience Smith’s new series, as well as a personalized golf fitness and recovery program that thousands of golfers use everyday to play the game without limits.