Warm Up with Your Body, Not Your Wedge

Most golfers are lucky if they get to the course 45 mins ahead of their tee time, rush straight to the range to “get all the bad shots out.” But, if you saw the “Full Swing” docuseries on Netflix, you may have realized that’s not quite how the average PGA Tour pro approaches warming up before a round. Sure, they have full physio trailers that serve as dedicated mobile gym spaces but the fundamental difference lies in the fact that tour players warm their bodies up long before they hit their first golf ball of the day. 

As GolfForever members know well, working out with the Swing Trainer is designed to help you increase your range of motion, build strength, and gain flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints. Before going out for 18 holes, golfers should shift gears, focusing on creating movement and awareness within that range of motion and strength you’ve worked hard to build. Starting the day immediately with golf shots can be jarring to your body, detrimental to your golf swing, or even cause pain or injury. 

Named a GolfDigest Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer, Scott Sheperd uses the Swing Trainer to slowly open and awaken all facets of the body used in the golf swing: the shoulders, wrists, trunk, core,  glutes, and ankles. This warmup is not meant to break a serious sweat and can be performed without anchoring the Swing Trainer at all.

If you’re up for more of a demanding warmup that will have you breaking a sweat and feeling competition-ready, what better player to emulate than the World #1, Scottie Scheffler? Together with his trainer, Dr. Troy Van Biezen, Scheffler’s major warmup routine will challenge your balance and have you performing several rotational movements. Focusing on lateral stability will help set up for success on the course by encouraging proper posture and swing mechanics guarding against the tendency many golfers have to slide, especially when they haven’t loosened up! 

Scottie’s warmup requires anchoring the Swing Trainer in the low and mid height positions. Fortunately, with the recent introduction of GolfForever’s Warmup Stations, there can always be a safe and secure place to anchor and prep your body for your round. Talk to your head golf professional or director of instruction today about putting the Warmup Station on your course’s practice range or first tee! If the pros start with their bodies not their wedges, so should you.  

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