Warm Up to Ignite Your Golf Game from anywhere: Join us for a pre-round warm-up at your desk

How often have you scheduled a round of golf and found yourself frantically trying to get work done so you can escape to the course? Despite living ever more busy lives, most of us continue to add more activities and appointments to our schedules every day.

Doing what we love longer and pain-free is the main inspiration for what we do at GOLFFOREVER.  As such, we understand four key things about you:

  1. ) The stress your body goes through during work and play
  2. ) Warming up will benefit your body, your work, and your game
  3. ) Health habits are easier to form when they work with your life
  4. ) Even when you are at your most busy, you can give your body a much needed pre-round warm-up – from your office

These are the reasons we are excited to share this versatile warm-up video. GOLFFOREVER founder, Dr. Jeremy James, and Managing Director, Jon Levy, take you through a simple pre-round warm-up you can do at your desk. You will learn stretches that will benefit your body in your work and make all the difference in how you swing. Just imagine being so productive with your time; you could be taking calls and meetings while getting ready to play.   Best of all, you will feel great doing this warm-up anytime, and when you make these stretches a part of your pre-game routine, you will see the difference in your golf game.

Start Your Pre-Round Warmup Wherever You Are Now


We know you are busy and that you deserve to feel great for as long as possible. Give yourself the gift of this simple routine to feel more powerful in your life and on the course.  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and favorite this video so you can reference anytime you want to “warm up to kill it.”

Keep your warm up wisdom working

Add a Pre-Round Stretching Routine to Your Warmup to Play Your Best Golf